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Spaceship Impostor


Spaceship Imposter is a multiplayer action and deduction game. The action takes place on a spaceship and is played in first person. You also have the opportunity to be in several roles and use a multitude of methods to become its winner.
The main idea of the Spaceship Imposter is to discover the impostor. This goal can only be fulfilled by gradually completing the tasks that are on the entire spaceship. You also have the opportunity to choose which part of the ship you want to be in and what tasks you will be responsible for or share the tasks with the other players.
Completing the tasks and discovering the impostor will become much easier thanks to the option to play in a group of up to 8 people.

You can become the winner of the game by following only a few theories:
- The first option is to complete all the tasks on the ship successfully.
- The next option is to cooperate with the players and be the first to detect the impostor, subsequently he is eliminated from the game once detected.
- Or the opposite, the impostor can be you and you will influence the game, but in this case you work against all theories and do it in such a way that you are not discovered by the players and you become the winner of the game.