Deep Space



9 February 2023

Deep Space is a scary survival game. The action takes place on a spaceship and you are the main character, who has to go through several obstacles to survive.

Deep Space is a highly interactive game with stunningly realistic graphics, an eerie atmosphere created by sound and gameplay. Players navigate through level-based sections of the spaceship, completing missions and fighting monsters.

The game starts when the protagonist wakes up in a sarcophagus and tries to understand what happened.
The fight for survival becomes intense right from the first level, the protagonist not understanding what happened at the bow of the ship. During his exploration, he is in search of ammunition, health reserves and nodes which are used both to unlock special doors and to upgrade weapons and suit.
He begins to explore the space of the ship he is in and to look for ways out of the situation.
During his exploration, he meets a multitude of monsters in the rooms that he must defeat in order to open the next one. He also meets the main monster, which is the most difficult to defeat.
And the third part of the game is the escape from the damaged ship by means of a smaller ship.
But not everything is as easy as it seems, as the protagonist is prevented by something from doing this.
And you can find out the end of the tense story only by trying the game.