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3D PrintMaster Simulator


3D PrintMaster offers a realistic and in-depth simulation of the exciting world of 3D printing. Start by assembling your first 3D printer from various parts, using tools like wrenches, hexagons, and screws. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your printers, buy better materials, and take on more challenging orders. Manage your workshop effectively to maximize profits and grow your business!

Assemble and Upgrade: Buy printer parts, assemble printers, and upgrade them to create a powerful and efficient 3D printing workshop.
Realistic Assembly Experience: Use tools like wrenches, hexagons, and screws to put together your 3D printers, ensuring a hands-on and engaging gameplay experience.
Print and Fulfill Orders: Take on customer orders and print 3D objects, ranging from simple to complex designs. Complete orders on time to build your reputation and earn money.
Material and Printer Management: Purchase and manage different types of plastic materials to unlock better orders and increase your workshop's capabilities.
Creative Mode: Unleash your creativity in the game's creative mode, where you can access all printer parts and materials to build and design without limitations.
Sell and Trade: Sell old printer parts and materials to make room for new, more advanced equipment, and keep your workshop up-to-date with the latest technology.
Thriving Economy: Navigate a dynamic in-game economy where supply and demand determine the value of your 3D printed creations and materials.
In 3D PrintMaster, you'll have the opportunity to experience the thrill of running your very own 3D printing workshop, from assembly to management. With its realistic assembly mechanics, diverse range of printer parts, and dynamic economy, this game is perfect for anyone interested in 3D printing or looking for an immersive and enjoyable simulation experience. Are you ready to become the ultimate 3D PrintMaster?