Hooligan Simulator

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24 June 2023


In Hooligan Simulator, players are not subjected to trials but are presented with the audacious opportunity to express themselves through graffiti.
Armed with the means to draw, you can assert your presence in society through free expression.
By painting graffiti, vandalizing public property, and leaving your mark, you become the embodiment of audacity.
However, be aware that such actions make you a prime target for law enforcement.
Every graffiti piece you create is shared on social networks, earning you a reputation within these virtual communities.
The higher your reputation, the more money you accrue.
But remember, protecting yourself after causing havoc in the city is crucial.
Your every move must be calculated to avoid detection and evade capture by the relentless police force, as you focus on safeguarding your own interests.
Night is the time for expression: the neon lights and urban silence offer you the opportunity to create and spread graffiti art.
The game starts with a bizarre message on your phone, presenting a challenge to you.
You are guided by a group of people, opening up new areas of the city at night.
Discover places that were previously uninteresting to you, and with each level, your graffiti art skills improve.
The challenges progressively become more difficult and intense.
The police are on patrol, so you can be caught red-handed at any time, making you a public menace.
The city administration has prohibited the spreading of graffiti, and the police are vigilant.
In the subsequent levels, you move to safer locations on rooftops, but the police increase their search efforts, making you their primary target.
As your camouflage skills improve, you attract even more attention from the police.
Your speed and attention to detail become crucial in this context, making you better at evading capture. The objective of the game is to protest and seek revenge against the police, culminating in leaving your mark on the municipal police building and ultimately escaping the pursuit.

-Expansive open-world environments;
-Stunning visual realism;
-Vast array of graffiti styles and designs;
-Challenging course elements;
-Robust creation tools for designing unique and personalized artwork;
-Supported PS, Xbox controller