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Feartten Noir Story


Feartten Noir Story is a 2d platformer with a mysterious and terrible theme. It's a story about a boy who is stuck in a dark world, but hasn't lost hope.
We all have a moment of choice and we don't always do the right thing, and our outcome depends on it.
The main character has always been stubborn and stuck to his opinion, not listening to anyone, and playing in the backyard of his house. The house bordered the forest, he wanted to see what was there cat that adults forbade him to go there, jumping the fence he went farther and farther away from the house, because the forest was so exciting, it was evening and it was harder to see, interest was replaced by fear, he wanted to go back, but the way was not found. Somewhere in the distance was heard a growl, it frightened the boy and he began to run without noticing the hole he fell and lost consciousness. From this moment the soul begins to struggle between light and dark side, and what the ending depends on the path you choose.

Next we are faced with difficult trials where we have to run as well as to defend, in some places we can barely see, and the choice to go further or stop will decide our fate, get out or stay here forever.

-You will have to collect information bit by bit and figure out what is happening;
-Solve puzzles and use all available objects;
-Light is your only helper;
-Epic boss battles;
-Different mechanics of the characters’ behavior will make you nervous and make quick decisions;
-The creepy and tense atmosphere only escalates the situation;