Prison Life Simulator

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10 June 2022

Simulator with a third-person view.
The game takes place in a jail, after a failed bank robbery, and a city chase, you're arrested for 7 years.
You have to play as a character named Derek.
The hero will be faced with routine and tougher rules in the prison, look for ways to feed himself and not only, he will have to explore the territory of the prison, interact, make friends, fight other prisoners in order to survive and for unexpected adventures.
Will you earn essential cash by working an honest job, or steal money from your fellow inmates?
Whatever you do, remember to bring plenty of bacon to bribe the sniffer dogs with.
Prison has its own laws. One day you are a Big Shot, and the next day you are a Sucker.
Get authority points, and your status and the inmate's attitude will increase.
Choices you make has consequences here, so weigh every decision.
It is not just a game, but a prison life simulator!

-Free to move, explore and fight in a prison world.
-Spend noodles to unlock new skills to power up your prisoner
-Bribe guards to evade punishment
-Recruit crew members and assign them orders
-Consequences depend on your choices
-Dozens of items affecting the plot
-Live by the thieves' laws, keep your shank with you and trust no one
-Intuitive controls, so you can play just the way you want
-Real world prison with actual prison fighting
-Make inmate friends whom you can trust
-Best action and survival mission game
-Beautiful graphics in this prison game
-Supported PS, Xbox controller