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You find yourself instantly in the middle of the apocalypse. The world is collapsing being struck by an unknown virus, which transforms people into raging zombies. Thousands of zombies invaded your city and you have to find a way and catch the helicopter which transports the survivors to fortified shelters.

The game offers you the possibility to play from the first person and feel yourself the surrounding chaos and mess. You can interact with the environment to make your way through, and use them to your advantage. Complete small tasks along the gameplay, to develop your resistance and warfare, buy new weapons and train using them, in order to escape the nucleus of the infected zone. Be careful with the ammunition and don't waste it in vain.

You must take quick decisions, use wisely your resources and surroundings, and be careful at every step you take, as there are monstrously big mutant zombies who are hardly to be defeated. Experience different weapons that you will find, and you will be able to escape.

Be prepared for unexpected moments, scenes loaded with tension and emotion; awesome graphics and sound along with intensive gameplay with constant action and quick evolution of the subject.