Monetization manager.

Lead the charge in maximizing revenue streams as a Monetization Manager. Develop and implement innovative strategies to enhance player engagement and financial success, ensuring a sustainable and thriving game ecosystem. Fine-tune reward balances, adapt pricing structures, and analyze the effectiveness of monetization campaigns. Join us in shaping the future of gaming profitability and player satisfaction.

Key responsibilities:

    • - Development: Develop new monetization strategies in the game to enhance player engagement at all stages of their gaming journey;
    • - Planning: Plan and implement monetization mechanics;
    • - Balance: Adjust and refine reward balances in gaming worlds;
    • - Adaptability: Adapt pricing and reward values; 
    • - Analytics: Analyze the effectiveness of the project's monetization campaigns and formulate proposals for improvement; 
    • - Magic: Find a balance between financial success and player satisfaction, ensuring the sustainable development of the product.

The ideal Monetization Manager is a strategic thinker with a deep passion for gaming, a keen eye for analytics, and the ability to navigate the delicate balance between financial success and player satisfaction in the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry.


    • - Deep knowledge of monetization strategies and trends within the free-to-play business model; 
    • - Previous experience in planning and managing real-time mobile games with a successful track record of achieving business goals;
    • - Strong understanding of economics and monetization design, as well as factors influencing live-service games;
    • - Analytical thinking with a focus on decision-making based on metrics;
    • - Unwavering passion for games.

The Monetization Manager plays a crucial role in a game development company, focusing on optimizing revenue generation while ensuring a positive player experience. This role role is pivotal in navigating the intersection of business objectives and player engagement, contributing significantly to the overall success and longevity of the game.

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