Beat Them Up



2 February 2023

Beat Them Up is a 2D game on levels, where the main type of fight is boxing.


The whole game is designed for you to train your fighting skills as you will have to fight against the city gangsters by applying your boxing skills.
Beat Them Up is a type of video game in which the player character fights against a large number of enemies in a side-scrolling. These games typically involve simple controls and gameplay, with the player character able to move left and right and attack with punches, kicks, or special moves.
Beat Them Up’s often feature large numbers of enemies that appear on screen at once, and the player must defeat them all in order to progress to the next level.
These games often feature boss battles against larger, more powerful enemies and may also stages that the player must complete.


The amazing classical hard fighter and action game.

- Realistic street fighting sound.
- A multitude of different locations in the city.
- Multiple levels and scenarios in this adventure games.
- More and more difficult levels, to have higher performances.
- Experience street fighting in a relaxing action game.