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Drone Strike


Embark on an exhilarating journey as a former military engineer, unjustly framed by a cunning nemesis. Devastated and stripped of his workshop after a ruthless bombing, our resilient hero must rebuild his life and seek vengeance.

Delve into the captivating realm of engineering and unravel the intricate workings of diverse contraptions. Fueling his passion, our protagonist ventures into the realm of drone development, honing his skills to perfection.

As the whispers of the criminal underworld spread, our hero finds himself entangled in a web of dubious opportunities. Step by step, he infiltrates their ranks, employing his expertise to inch closer to the ultimate target—his archenemy.

Your mission, as a valiant player, is to aid our protagonist in crafting formidable drones, executing daring missions, and piecing together vital clues. Uncover the elusive truth and lead our hero towards the long-awaited confrontation with his offender.

Embark now on an electrifying adventure where engineering meets intrigue. The power to reshape your fate and unleash justice lies within your grasp. Will you answer the call?