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Bid War


Take a risk and put your skills to the test in the thrilling world of "Auction King," a game where you compete against other players for the grand prize – warehouses filled with hidden treasures waiting for their new owners! Show off your abilities and rise as a leader in the warehouse market, amassing a massive fortune.

Participate in auctions and uncover valuable items ranging from antique clocks, rare paintings, collectible weapons, and precious jewels to vintage cars, furniture, and motorcycles. By discovering and selling these items, you'll generate substantial profits. Don't settle for your current achievements! Your initial success will open doors to broader opportunities, allowing you to enhance your trading skills and acquire more merchandise, ultimately earning you the title of the true Auction King.

Fearlessly place your bids to claim all the warehouses and acquire the most valuable goods. Remember, you're not alone in the pursuit of fortune, and your competitors won't show you any mercy. The competition is fierce, so act decisively, let your passion guide you, and it will surely pay off! With each new auction, your professionalism will continue to grow. To maximize your profits, your task is to uncover the true value of each item. The hundreds and thousands of items you purchase will enhance your skills.

Develop your own business by opening a pawnshop and filling the shelves with the most valuable items. Only then will you attract a large customer base and generate significant profits. Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and expand your business empire, and soon you'll become the most influential figure in the world of container auctions.

Participating in auctions is not just a game, it's a lifestyle, a state of soul; it's a job for true daredevils ready to take risks. Amongst the old boxes lie treasures that have the power to make you rich.

* Engage in auctions, competing with other players for the right to be the winner and access treasures.
* Utilize various tools to effectively search for items and improve your skills.
* Sell the discovered items through your own store.
* Set prices, negotiate with buyers, and become a successful trader.
* Gradually enhance your skills and capabilities while developing your business.
* Manage your finances, make decisions regarding expenses and investments to maximize your profits and become a successful entrepreneur.
* Gain access to larger and more prestigious auctions.
* Test your skills and strategic decision-making abilities.
* Supported PS, Xbox controller